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One of the first natural reactions to anyone in your family having Scabies is the feeling that your family has been invaded by some outside influence.  It’s like an attack on your family and home, in many cases without even the courtesy of knowing the source.

Someone in your family may even be tempted to accuse the person with Scabies, saying something like, “You brought this into our home.”

Unless someone is intentionally getting close to someone who has Scabies they should not be accused of bringing Scabies into the home.  It just simply isn’t their fault.  It’s unlikely they even know who gave it to them.


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Families are known for solidarity, right?  “Don’t mess with my family!”  Of all things, a Scabies infestation of anyone in the family is an occasion for solidarity.  Don’t let Scabies divide your family.

Also remember that if you’re not careful about educating everyone in the family and maintaining the proper procedures and treatment for everyone, Scabies could survive on just one person’s body and reintroduce itself to the entire family.  Beating Scabies is a group project.

Scabies doesn’t discriminate

One other reminder:  If you maintain good hygiene and social habits, your family has not been singled out for Scabies because you are dirty or you somehow deserve it.  Like any other disease, Scabies does not discriminate between different types of people based on gender, race, social status, or even religion!  It’s just a fact of life that can affect anyone.

Stick together

So please stick together as a family, keep your head up high as you fight this thing, share the load (not just the laundry load!) of responsibilities related to eradicating Scabies, and embrace the building of your family unity and your individual character through this experience.  You will likely have an opportunity to help someone else who is struggling with Scabies in the future, so giving back to the human family.


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