Owning your environment


Who owns your environment?  When it comes to Scabies, you need to own your own environment.  Simply put, it is up to you to conquer an organism that is trying to survive, multiply, and spread within your living space, using yours or a family member’s skin as its beachhead.

TowelsGood news!

The good news is that this is a war that will be won through superior intelligence and firepower:  yours!  Scabies may seem illusive and entrenched.  Don’t be deceived.  Their small size is their biggest strength, but it is no match for your informed, disciplined, and consistent owning of your environment.  What does this look like?

Owning your environment is the key

The Scabies mite requires a very specific environment for survival and spreading.  When you know what that environment is, you can alter it—own it—so that you stop Scabies in its tracks and eradicate it from your environment.  Scabies’ short lifespan, dependent on the human body as a host, is a huge asset in your arsenal.  Based on the science, I suggest doing the following:

  1. Raise your attention to personal hygiene to extreme levels.  Wash all your clothes, towels, bedding, and slippers if you wear them, at least once a day.  Shower once or twice a day, putting on clean clothes every time and washing all towels used.
  2. Make sure the same is done for any family member who has Scabies or is at risk of having it through close exposure to anyone who does.
  3. Vacuum the carpets in your home, and throw away the vacuum bag or wash or wipe down the canister in a bagless vacuum cleaner.
  4. Bag shoes, jackets you don’t want to wash, etc., for seven days.  I suggest using jumbo Ziploc bags and then putting them somewhere out of the way, like a corner of your garage.
  5. One extra careful thing you can do:  If you have an extra single mattress, cover it with plastic and tape it up.  You can buy painters’ plastic very cheaply at hardware stores or dollar discount stores.  Your sheets go over this and must be washed daily, along with a comforter or sleeping bag if you use one.  The plastic will help prevent Scabies mites from entering the fabric of the mattress, and you can use diatomaceous earth on the surfaces of the area where you sleep.
  6. Sleep in a separate room of the house from other family members if you are the only one with Scabies symptoms.
  7. Avoid sitting on chairs that have fabric on them.  Wooden or plastic seating surfaces can be easily wiped down.
  8. Refrain from all physical contact with other people.  If you have a baby or small children and touching or holding them is unavoidable, your attention to hygiene and your use of effective products to eliminate Scabies from your skin will still win the day.  Separating Scabies from the environment they need in order to reproduce will eradicate them in time.
  9. Finally, keep a positive attitude about this entire process.  Be fully assured that you are in control.  Be patient, consistent, and persevering.  Remember that you are on a journey that has a plan and procedures.  Scabies are not telling you where to go.  You are.


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