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It’s natural to feel self-conscious about a skin condition like Scabies.  Explaining it to people can be downright challenging!  This is especially true when people are generally uninformed about what Scabies really is, how it is spread, and how it can successfully be contained and eradicated.  So how should you explain what you have to those who need to know about it?

A caring approach

The simplest approach is to tell those close to you that because you care about them and want to spare them from what you are experiencing, you need to keep your distance from them for a time.  You have a skin parasite too small to see, called Scabies, which affects an estimated 1 in 300 people.  You are suffering from very itchy sensations produced by the parasites burrowing in the upper levels of your skin.  Your condition is contagious, but by applying the right knowledge and using the right products you know you can contain it and stop it.

You need those who are close to you to be understanding and supportive, to be patient with the few weeks it may take to be free of your condition, and to avoid undermining your efforts by questioning the validity of what you are experiencing.  You may need to tell them that keeping your distance from them does make you feel lonely and that you are really looking forward to getting back to your normal closeness with them as soon as possible.

Use this website

You may find it helpful to show them this website so that they can understand as much as they want to about your condition and how to be supportive and cooperative during your journey back to full health.

A concerted family effort

It may be that you are not the only one in your family who has Scabies.  If that is the case, it is important to talk about how you will proceed to attack this problem together and what that will look like.  Whatever you would do for an individual must be done for all who have been affected.  This includes daily washing of clothes, towels, and sheets, at least once daily bathing, and being careful about bodily contact.

If you have school children in your home who have been infested with Scabies, you will need to keep them home from school and inform the school of their condition.  Please check with your local school administration about their policies governing conditions like Scabies.


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