Reaching your goal



This website has a “journey” theme.  There’s a reason for that.  Overcoming Scabies felt like a journey to me.  And for me, that journey was much too long.

If you read the other pages on this site, I hope you get the message, loud and clear, that you don’t have to suffer for months with Scabies, but that the right approach, treatment, and even the ability to move on from Scabies can make your journey a short one.  I want you to get back to living your life normally as quickly as possible.

This page is about not losing heart or giving up.  I found out it was difficult for other people to relate to my feelings of loneliness and uncleanness brought on by knowing I had Scabies.  In many ways I felt very alone in my struggle.  Things like that can make it hard to keep going, to keep believing that there is life after Scabies!

Don’t give up!  The summit is within reach, and you’ll soon be standing on the top.  Who knows?  You may be able to help someone else who is struggling to get there too, now or sometime in the future.  You might even refer them to this website, if you yourself find it helpful.  Please do!


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