How to view this ailment


DepressedThere are a few really important things to keep in mind about Scabies:

It’s more than just hygiene!

Just because a person has Scabies doesn’t mean he or she is a dirty person.  I know; it feels really unhygienic when you find out that you have a parasite infestation!  It’s ok.  Most likely someone who didn’t even know they had Scabies passed it on to you somehow – or on to that someone close to you.  You could be the most careful and hygienic person, and yet just being at the wrong place at the wrong time led to your getting Scabies.  Or maybe a member of your family, even a child, got it from a friend of theirs.

Be optimistic!

It’s pretty easy to get kind of depressed about Scabies, and to wonder how long you’ll have it, or how in the world you’ll ever get rid of it.  Please know that if you approach this ailment properly you will be free and clear of Scabies very soon.  Scabies should be treated aggressively and with a positive, optimistic attitude.  And the more support you get from your family through understanding and care, the easier this whole process can be.

Knowledge empowers you!

Another really helpful thing to realize is that you can prevent Scabies spreading to other people by following certain rules.  Yes, it can be a bit of a lonely road, at times, in effect quarantining yourself from others, but this is a great way to show others that you care about them.  Look at this as the good thing that it is:  you are empowered by knowledge so that others can be spared.

Turn your ailment into compassion!

One other thing you might keep in mind:  an estimated 300 million people worldwide suffer from Scabies.  There are some places in our world where Scabies is a huge public health issue, surpassing even diarrhea and upper-respiratory disease in children in certain locations.  You can turn your own or your family member’s Scabies experience into compassion for those who are struggling from the same ailment, yet in many cases without the same access to medications and treatment available to you.   And if you believe in God, you can pray for others who have Scabies every time you are tempted to scratch yourself!


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