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You are unique

SensationsI just want to very briefly talk about the feelings and sensations that can accompany Scabies.  You are a unique individual.  Scabies may or may not manifest itself in your life in exactly the same way as you read about, on this site or anywhere else.  Don’t let anyone undermine you in your mission to eradicate Scabies from your life, just because they may not be convinced that you even actually have this condition.  You are your own person, and it is up to you to own your recovery.

So what about feelings and sensations?  In my own case, I sometimes wondered why the itchiness didn’t seem as severe or intense as I saw it described on sites I navigated to online.  Looking back, I think I was throwing so much stuff at my body so quickly that the Scabies were almost under control … but not quite.  I didn’t have the right treatment to totally get rid of Scabies, but I didn’t have to deal with the intense itchiness typically described.  And yet, the rash still appeared in new places on my body!

Many Scabies patients complain about biting and crawling sensations on the skin.  That is something I definitely did struggle with, which was a constant reminder that I had Scabies and maybe something that contributed to my obsession about Scabies.

Ongoing sensations

But the real reason I have created this particular page about feelings and sensations is that in rare cases a person can actually have ongoing sensations of biting and crawling after Scabies has been eradicated from their system.  Yes, the medical literature tells us that the itchiness can continue after Scabies has been effectively treated, but typically for only up to one or two weeks.

What I’m talking about is an ongoing sensation in the skin even after any normal cause of it is no longer present.  A psychiatrist friend of mine kindly met with me when I was struggling to move on from Scabies and helped me in a huge way by examining me, both physically and psychologically.  He asked all kinds of questions to ascertain my psychological condition and concluded that I did not have any psychological problems.  He did, however, tell me that in rare cases a normal person can experience ongoing skin sensations after a Scabies eradication.

Moving on

What did I do to move on?  Whenever I would get the sensation, I would have to tell myself that this was just a latent feeling and that I no longer had Scabies.  I would scratch the place that itched and will myself to believe that this too would pass, as there was no physical reason for it to continue.  Eventually, those sensations went away.

I hope you are not suffering from this rare condition, but if you are, my desire is to offer you hope and a way to move on.  I’m glad my friend did that for me!


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