Don’t obsess about Scabies

ObsessedSome people I have talked to are amazed that nobody else in my family got Scabies when I was struggling with it for a few months!  The truth is, I quarantined myself so meticulously and maintained my environment so cautiously that I didn’t even touch any other member of my family for over three months!  I converted my home office into a quarantined room, had my own hand towels in the kitchen, and everything else separate as well.  Yes, it was lonely!

Now, while I think that was all a good thing, to spare anyone else the condition I was struggling to overcome, I readily admit that I obsessed about Scabies.  I can’t even guess at how many websites I ended up at, often feeling much worse after visiting them, in an attempt to understand Scabies and beat it!  In fact, I think I got in the habit of obsessing about Scabies so much that even after I was cured of the condition I still couldn’t help thinking about it for a long time afterwards!  Not good!

What I am trying to convince you of is that if you approach Scabies with the right attitude, which means you are confident that you will overcome this condition soon and quickly by using the right products and the right knowledge and procedures, you don’t need to obsess about it at all.

The people who are close to you, those who live in your home, can really help you with this by acknowledging your condition and encouraging you in your aggressive treatment of Scabies and being supportive of you emotionally.

So cheer up, do what you have to do, and let your mind dwell on your life, your responsibilities, your recreation, or any other of the positive places it likes to go on a normal basis.


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