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When a person finds out they have Scabies it is very easy for them to want to rid themselves immediately from this unwanted and uncomfortable condition.  That is a normal and proper response.  However, if that response translates into putting toxic or harmful substances on their skin in an attempt to quickly kill the Scabies mites, this can do more harm than good.

Natural remedies

For example, there are a lot of substances that are touted as being able to kill Scabies mites on contact.  This is often the case with things termed “natural remedies” for killing Scabies mites.  Tea tree oil is one such substance.  While tea tree oil can be a very effective ingredient in products designed to eradicate Scabies, it can cause damage to the skin if directly applied undiluted.

This is why I ask you please not to abuse your body.  Buy the products that will work and at the same time maintain the integrity of your skin, your body’s first defense against infection and disease.

If you have put substances on your skin that are drying it out and harming it, there are soaps on the market that moisturize the skin and replenish the skin’s vitality and suppleness.  I recommend those, as well as moisturizing creams and lotions.

Save time and money

When you spend any time at all online researching Scabies you will likely end up at some sites that tout natural cures or home remedies for killing Scabies.  These can include household cleaning products and laundry products.  Does that sound scary?  Maybe in some cases some of these products could be effective, but my experience is that you can easily end up spending a lot more money trying various different products that aren’t designed for treating Scabies.  I wish I had just paid a little more up front and saved a lot of both time and money in the long run!  My approach page  will tell you what I ended up doing—what ended up working!

The good news is, you don’t have to abuse your body to get rid of Scabies!


Photo by Itineranttrader (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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