On this page I will share with you what you can do to get rid of Scabies, with minimum disruption to your life and without harming your body.  I will share a few of the things I remember reading and learning about, the pitfalls to avoid, the care and caution required, the general, overall approach to take, and best of all, the products that were the most helpful to me.

The things I read and learned about

Like most people probably do nowadays, when I realized I had Scabies I scoured the internet for information that might help me.  I wanted to get rid of Scabies as quickly as possible.  There is no way for me to tell you everything I read about.  I do want to share some of the important points.

The traditional approach, using Permethrin cream prescribed by your doctor, may work for some people, but for me it was just a temporary fix at best.  When I read about the clinical studies related to Permethrin, I learned that it is effective in killing a certain percentage of Scabies mites, but not necessarily all, and there may be side effects which you want to avoid, especially where children are involved.  In fact, this appears to be true of a lot of things.  They work, but in a limited way, and may involve substances toxic to your system.  In my experience, I needed a treatment that I knew was not harmful to my body and at the same time would eradicate the Scabies.

I found that there was a lot of scary stuff online about many different kinds of mites, and that a lot of that information is not helpful or necessary for overcoming Scabies.  What you need is just enough of the right information so that you can get the right treatment.

My online research also taught me how contagious Scabies really is, which means it is very important to make sure other people don’t get it from you.  It was also very helpful to learn the importance of making sure your clothes and your other surroundings don’t keep giving it back to you, as Scabies mites can survive in your environment for a few days.  I learned that this is not that difficult to do.  Until you know you are free of Scabies, sleep in a separate room from anyone else, use separate towels, wash your bedding and clothes and put on clean clothes regularly, and bag for about one week any clothes you can’t wash but have worn recently.  See also the owning your environment page.

Without a doubt, the two most important things I learned were:

1.       The importance of breaking the Scabies life cycle

2.       The products that would really work to eradicate Scabies

The pitfalls to avoid

A treatment that comes with a lot of warnings and should be avoided is Lindane.  Lindane has serious potential side effects, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has published cautions related to its use.  I can understand how someone would want to try something that sounds “powerful” in a last ditch effort to remove Scabies, after everything else seems to have failed.  However, with safe and effective treatments available, why risk the harmful side effects of a treatment like Lindane?

Trying to get rid of Scabies by using household products that may well harm your body is also not a good idea.  I wish I had known from the very beginning of my journey what I know now about what really works.  In the end, I spent a lot more money trying the questionable substances other people said would work than I would have had I just bought the right products in the first place.

I hope you can also avoid the pitfall of thinking only in terms of killing all the Scabies on your body immediately.  You need to know about the life cycle of Scabies and how to break it.

The care and caution required

Elsewhere in this website I have stressed the importance of caring for your environment and making sure you are not re-infested with Scabies or give it to someone else.  Where care and caution are concerned, meticulous is a good word.  Part of this means frequently washing the clothes, bedding, and towels of a person who has Scabies and that person taking frequent showers.  I took a shower at least twice a day, and used newly laundered towels and clothes each time.  I washed my bedding every morning and dried everything I laundered on high heat in the dryer.  (If you live in a home or an area where you do not have access to a clothes dryer, ironing your clothes is a good substitute.)  Another important part of “care and caution” is ceasing all physical contact with other people until the Scabies has been eradicated.  Of course, this is very difficult to do if you are caring for an infant.  In that case, treating the infant for Scabies and limiting skin to skin contact is a good idea.

The overall approach to take

Approach treatment of Scabies as a clear and orderly plan to separate Scabies from the environment they need in order to reproduce and survive.  Take the necessary steps to break the Scabies life cycle.  Here are the steps you can take, ordered in an easily laid out list:

1.       Order the products which I list below from Amazon and from right away, so you can begin treatment as soon as possible:

2.       Own your environment by: 1) careful and frequent laundering and showering, 2) extending this to all family members, 3) vacuuming carpets, 4) bagging shoes and jackets, 5) covering your mattress and using diatomaceous earth, 6) sleeping separately from other people, 7) sitting on non-fabric surfaces, 8) avoiding physical contact, 9) and keeping a positive attitude.  (For more detailed information see owning your environment).

3.       Use the products from Amazon and Scabies-Killer as directed.

The products that were the most helpful to me

If this is the only part of this entire website that you read, you will have found the gem you’ve been searching for.  Of course, a product by itself, without wisdom about your clothing, environment, and contact with other people, is not enough.  But in the end, the right cure is the most important thing.

A great product I recommend for showering and bathing is sulfur soap, which is indicated for killing Scabies mites on your skin’s surface:

But what do you use to break the Scabies life cycle and eradicate the mites living in your skin?  After trying a lot of other products, I finally decided to give Scabies-Killer a try.  I bought two of their products, which when used in tandem with each other worked wonders!

1.       Scabies Killer Enzyme Spray

2.       Scabies Killer Oil Formula

They also sell diatomaceous earth, which I used myself and highly recommend for eradicating Scabies from your environment.

You will see several other products sold by, and I encourage you to consider using them.  Please see their “kits” page as well, as you may find significant savings on their products, especially if you are treating an entire family.

Please be encouraged!  These great products put you in control of the Scabies challenge you have been facing, not the other way around!


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